Northern LA County Regional Board

Our Northern Los Angeles Regional Board inspires others in the community to become involved in The Painted Turtle’s effort to make a difference in the lives of children with serious medical conditions. Members are ambassadors in their communities, helping to increase awareness, and raise important funds for camp operations. Each member brings a certain expertise and professional experience to the advisory board and our organization.

This Regional Board produces special events each year to share The Painted Turtle with new friends in the community, and we are grateful for their support. If you are interested in learning about these events or this Regional Board, please contact: Courtney Rheuban.

There is an annual fundraiser to benefit The Painted Turtle that takes place at Camp in the Fall.  To learn more, please visit Upcoming Events.

Northern Los Angeles County Regional Advisory Board

Tom DiPrima, Co-Chair
Ryan Murphy, Co-Chair
Margot and Richard 
Lauri DiPrima
Sylvia Duarte
Peri Floyd
Kenny Herrera
Lisa Howard
Kyra and Steve Kinsey
Beau Leaman
Lena Mayol
Rocio Montagner
Michele Wilcox