2017 Camp Calendar

Spring Family Weekends

Special Diagnoses Family Weekend: February 24-26
Gastrointestinal, PIDD, TPN & Liver Family Weekend: March 10-12
Spina Bifida Family Weekend: March 24-26
Arthritis and IBD Family Weekend: April 7-9
Pulmonary Hypertension Family Weekend: April 21-24

Summer Sessions

Adrenal Insufficiency Family Day: June 3
Skeletal Dysplasia and MPS: June 7-12
Arthritis and IBD: June 16-21
Kidney Disease and Transplant: June 25-30
Special Diagnoses 1: July 6-10
Special Diagnoses 2: July 14-18
Hemophilia/vWD and Thalassemia: July 22-27
Liver Disease and Transplant, PIDD, TPN, and IBD: July 31-August 4
Sibling: August 8-12

Fall Family Weekends

Epilepsy Family Weekend: September 22-24
Inhibitor Family Weekend: October 6-9
Kidney Disease and Transplant Family Weekend: October 20-22
Arthritis and IBD Family Weekend: November 3-5
PKU, MPS, Urea Cycle Disorder Family Weekend: November 17-19

One Day On-Site Camp Events

Spring Into Camp Celebration: May 6
Camper Holiday Gathering: December 2

Camp on the Move

Bay Area: April 1
San Diego: TBD

Volunteer Days

Community Volunteer Day: February 4
Corporate Volunteer Day: May 13
Aerospace Volunteer Day: September 16

Special Events

13th Annual Bingo at The Roxy: February 9
L.A. 5K Run and Marathon: March 18 & 19
Tour de Turtle Bike Ride & The Turtle Trek walk/run/roll: October 14
NLACRAB Annual BBQ: October 28

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