Camp Calendar

2019 Spring Family Weekends

Liver Disease and Transplant, PIDD, TPN, and IBD Family Weekend : February 15-17
Neuromuscular and Genetic Family Weekend: March 1-3
Spina Bifida and Ataxia Family Weekend: March 15-17
Rheumatic Diseases Family Weekend: March 29-31
Pulmonary Hypertension Family Weekend: April 12-15

For questions regarding session availability, please contact Camper Admissions Manager,
at 661-724-1768 x203 or


2019 Summer Sessions

Skeletal Dysplasia & MPS: June 6‐10
Rheumatic Diseases: June 14‐ 19
Kidney Disease and Transplant: June 23‐28
Spina Bifida, Ataxia, & Adrenal Insufficiency: July 7‐11
Neuromuscular, Epilepsy, & Genetic Conditions: July 15‐19
Hemophilia/vWD and Thalassemia: July 23‐28
Liver Disease and Transplant, PIDD, TPN, and IBD: August 1‐5
Sibling: August 9‐13

2019 Fall Family Weekends

Epilepsy Family Weekend: September 20‐22
Inhibitor Family Weekend: September 27-30
Kidney Disease and Transplant Family Weekend: October 18‐20
Rheumatic Diseases Family Weekend: November 1-3
Campamento para Familias: November 15-17

One Day On-Site Camp Events

Camper Holiday Gathering: December 7, 2019

Volunteer Days

Community Volunteer Day: February 2, 2019
Corporate Volunteer Day: May 11, 2019
Aerospace Volunteer Day: September TBD

Special Events

14th Annual Bingo at The Roxy: February 12, 2019
L.A. Marathon and Charity Challenge: March 24, 2019
Tour de Turtle/Turtle Trek: April 27, 2019

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2019 Camp Calendar