Camp Out Loud Card Challenge!

CAMP OUT LOUD is our theme for 2012, and we want you to help us shout our camp spirit loud and clear! We are looking for original drawings and paintings to use for cards and other Painted Turtle printed materials. If you have some camp spirit to share, put it down on paper and send it in!

Card Categories
♥ Favorite Things About Camp
♥ Holidays and Winter Fun
♥ Thank You
♥ Turtles

Materials and Requirements
♥ All designs should be at least 5” x 7” and no bigger than 8.5” x 11”
♥  Please use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paint to make your card.
♥  Drawings and art made on a computer are acceptable.
♥  No glued on items like glitter, feathers, googly eyes, etc.

How to Enter
All entries are due by Oct 19th and must include this Camp Out Loud Card Challenge Entry Form.

Mail your entries to:

Card Challenge
The Painted Turtle
1300 4th Street, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Digital entries (high resolution, please) may be emailed to
Accepted formats: JPG, TIFF, PDF, EPS.

Thank you for helping us CAMP OUT LOUD! While we won’t be able to use all artwork submitted, we appreciate your camp spirit. Artwork cannot be returned so please make a copy before you send it in.