Give Your Birthday

Who Can Give Their Birthday or Set Up a Birthday Fun-Raiser?

  1. session photoThose that want to give back on their own birthday
  2. Those that want to honor/support the birthday of a loved one
  3. Those that want to celebrate Camp’s 12th birthday
  4. Anyone!

We challenge and encourage you to honor camp in one or many of the ways listed below during our Camp Shellebration and Give Your Birthday campaign so a child with serious illness can have the opportunity to reach beyond their illness and discover confidence, peer support, and a new world of possibilities.

Birthday Logo
1. Give Your Birthday
Donate your age in dollars. Or donate in honor of Camp’s Birthday.

2. Create a Birthday Fun-Raiser  Participate in our amazing cause by creating a Birthday Fun-raiser.

3. Join the Celebration Make a gift in honor of a friend or family member who is celebrating a birthday.