Once a Camper, Now a Volunteer

Tyler with camper making silly faceThe Painted Turtle relies heavily on volunteers to deliver the magic of camp each year. Volunteers come from all walks of life, but there are some volunteers that come with a unique perspective: they were former campers at The Painted Turtle.

One such camper-turned-volunteer is Tayelor McKay. Tayelor first attended camp at age eleven during the summer of 2005. After three summers as a camper he was then selected to participate in our Leadership in Training program for three more summers.

“My favorite thing as a camper was the attitude, energy, and spirit everyone brought to camp. It allowed me to really open up and just be myself at camp, which I then took back to my daily life. I decided to come back to volunteer because camp gave me the support to feel more comfortable with my condition, who I was and who I wanted to become.”

Tyler%20helping%20girl%20camper%20with%20fishing%20pole%202Tayelor admits the best thing about coming back as a volunteer is that you get and chance to escape from your daily routine and make a difference in people’s lives by filling them with joy.

“I come back to volunteer as a reminder to myself of the values camp gave me and to help kids/families that feel just the way I did, grow.”

Feeling inspired by Tayelor’s story? There are lots of ways to volunteer at camp. Spring Into Camp on May 2, is a great way to get your volunteer feet wet. It’s a one day event at our campsite for about 400 campers and their families!

Click here for more information ways to volunteer at The Painted Turtle.