Camp Programs

The Painted Turtle offers an exhilarating array of camp activities and intentional programs that foster personal growth, self-confidence, and exploration. Our programs empower campers to make new friends, gain independence in their medical care, and become their greater selves.

The Painted Turtle offers year-round programs including: Spring and Fall Wamily Weekends for the entire family, one-day family events, week-long Summer Sessions, and hospital/community outreach programs.

Summer Program

Family Weekend Program

Leadership Program

Equestrian Program

Outpost Program

Medical Program

Alumni Program

My daughter told me tonight that Camp is the only place she feels that she’s ever been able to be herself... It’s the only place she’s been where people just accept her for who she is. It’s the only place she’s been where all of the activities are designed for her to be able to do. She doesn’t have to sit anything out. She’s part of it all.
Camper Parent