Repaint the Turtle Update

July 24, 2013 – It is with a heavy heart that we announce that The Painted Turtle will be canceling our 2013 Fall Family Weekend programs as we continue with our fire remediation efforts.  As most of you know, The Painted Turtle was caught in the path of the Powerhouse wildfire at the start of June that caused extreme smoke and landscape damage to the site. While there is nothing we’d like more than welcome campers and families back to The Painted Turtle, because of the continued remediation efforts and concern for the health of our campers, we feel it is necessary to cancel planned programming until 2014.

The Painted Turtle will continue to offer “Camp on the Move” programs throughout the fall at different locations in California and will keep campers and families posted about upcoming events. Thank you for your understanding and all the support you’ve offered us.

Keep camp in your heart!

June 27, 2013 – Over the last several weeks, The Painted Turtle has been working tirelessly to recover camp. Load after load of ash and burned brush are being cleared from the landscape and we’ve begun our smoke remediation efforts in earnest. All building interiors are being cleaned from top to bottom: walls, air ducts, filters—everything! We’ve got a long way to go but everyone is hard at work to make The Painted Turtle better than ever.

A special shout out to The Painted Turtle Operations Team who’ve put their whole hearts into restoring the site. And our sincere thanks to the US Department of Agriculture and the Forestry Department for all their help in recovering camp. We want to thank all of our Painted Turtle friends for your support and offers to help and as soon the site is safe for volunteer projects we will let you know. We know you’re eager to help and appreciate your patience.
Keep that Turtle spirit up!

June 5, 2013 – It is with a heavy heart that we inform all of our friends that we have canceled our 2013 Summer Sessions. Click here for more information.

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