The Legend of The Painted Turtle

LOTPT Promotion Images_Page_01-COVERWe are thrilled to announce that The Legend of The Painted Turtle, a story that has been shared around the campfire since 2004, is now in print and ready to share with campers, their families, and you!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation, in 2015 The Painted Turtle will offer campers and families a piece of camp to take home with them in the shape of the printed version of The Legend of the Painted Turtle.

The story enfolds the tenets of camp—friendship, trust, kindness, laughter—into a narrative about a lonely little turtle who discovers through his adventures those things most important to his happiness and well-being. This story has encouraged campers to embrace the values of camp and understand that the seemingly simplest things in life have the power to transform us.

Reminders of camp, are powerful in extending and deepening the nature of The Painted Turtle experience for the children we serve. We hope this tale provides that reminder of camp for campers and their families throughout the year.

Silly o_228The Legend of The Painted Turtle was written by our very own Executive Director and former Camp Director, Blake Maher. The story was written before the camp opened in the hope of what camp might someday offer to children who came through its gates.


LOTPT Promotion Images_Page_25The whimsical illustrations were created by Blake’s brother,  Josh Maher, a graphic designer and artist, who also worked as a summer staff member. The spirit and bravery of the campers he met served as his inspiration.

Additional copies of The Legend of The Painted Turtle can be purchased on Amazon  with a portion of the proceeds benefiting camp.

Just a friendly reminder that if you register TPT as your chosen charity and purchase items on Amazon Smiles additional proceeds come back to camp.